Christmas is a time for festive cheer, crafting and planning - three things that come together perfectly with Clipbook. With a unique PU cover, Clipbook creates the perfect surface to draw on with any permanent pen, cut in to, or add stickers or washi tape to. Plus the rings can be accessorised with charms, beads or ribbon. Get inspired with our ultimate customisation guide this holiday season.

Snow Stopping Us Now

White Christmas or not, why not create your very own winter wonderland? Use the Clipbook smart packaging to create a removable dashboard to add to your cover. Carefully draw snowflakes on the transparent sheet with a white paint pen. Experiment with transparent tapes or window films to create an impression of fallen snow. You can even add a playful candy cane closure by punching a hole in the cover and twisting red and white pipe cleaners together.

All Wrapped Up

For that festive look, why not decorate the cover with a beautiful gift bow created in washi. Select a complimentary colour to your cover and create a wraparound affect with your tape positioning. You can even layer different colours or widths of washi tape to make the design more intricate.

Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas

Clipbook’s durable covers come in a vast selection of eye-catching colours and textures. Create a playful design by adding your favourite festive scene or character to your chosen Clipbook. Simply cut your creation out of coloured foam and apply with double sided tape. For a finishing touch, wrap the rings in a Christmas ribbon.

If you get crafty with Clipbook this Christmas, we would love to see your designs.

Share your creations on Instagram and tag @officialfilofax and we’ll feature our favourites.

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